Welcome Autumn!


It’s Autumn, Ines’s favorite season! The colors of the leaves change and have inspired us to make a paper garland with autumn colored leaves. To do so, we have cut different shapes of leaves in orange, yellow, red and some in green transparent paper (you can find the paper we used here. We advice to use paper with at least 90 g/m2). We have sewn them together with a yellow thread one after the other, changing a bit their orientation.

autumn leaves garland


Other then leaves with amazing colors in Autumn time, we also love going to the Kürbismarkt. It is an event that takes place once a year in our city where they sell lots of pumpkins: for decoration (by the way, that’s where we bought the ones shown in the picture above), for Halloween, to eat… Although its quite a small event we always go there because pumpkins are less expensive and they also have huge pumpkins our son loves to watch. This year we could even see them being transported using a mechanical shovel which is something all kids love to watch!

150 weeks in the daycare infographics

150 Weeks In Daycare Infographics

The thing we have enjoyed the most to do for the last day our son Gabriel spent in the daycare (called Lukids) was an infographics with some of the information we thought best represented the time he spend there. We spent a great time gathering this information and figuring out how to illustrate it in order to share it with his teachers:

  • Initial and final age (illustrated with a picture and his favorite book), total duration in weeks and days (represented by the number of Morgenkreise, the moment where children get together in the morning)
  • Main physical and cognitive milestones: walk, jump, become dry, draw and paint, ride a bicycle, count, write his name
  • Fun facts: 1 daycare move and 10 different teachers, more than 40 gathered sticks, 1 head injury, 16 new teeth, additional 10 kg and 32 cm, 2 Carnaval costumes, more than 20 times fever, the duration of his longest nap

On the backside Gabriel signed a thank you message for each of the teachers.

150 weeks in daycare infography

To do the infographics we used Inkscape (by the way, the free software we use for all graphic designs, which you can get here). In order to have Gabriel’s signature and one of his drawings in a vectorized format we have used Inkpad, a software to hand draw on the Ipad. We have also used some fun fonts we thing we’ll use a lot in the future because… they are great! There are the two stamp fonts KG Tribeca Stamp and Randy Described Eternity, the label font  fmz Embossed Label Light and the beautiful Freshman font from Jones Design Company, all of which you can use for free for non commercial use.

This post closes a series of posts where we shared all activities around this big event which was Gabriel leaving his first daycare and which we particularly enjoyed to make! (easy watercolor painting as teachers’ giftrainbow frog crayon as goodbye gift for the childrenrainbow frog cupcakes).  We keep an excellent memory of the  time Gabriel spent in LuKids and look forward to the coming time in his new kindergarten: Auf Wiedersehen Regenbogen, Hallo Frosch!

Rainbow frog cupcake

In the last day Gabriel spent in the daycare he took, as it is tradition, cupcakes to share with his teachers and friends. As we mentioned in the last post, we had chosen the theme “auf Wiedersehen Regenbogen, hallo Frosch!” (goodbye rainbow, hello frog!) for his goodbye and for this reason we decided to decorate the cupcakes with a frog and a rainbow. We used exactly the same motives we had used for the goodbye gifts. The vanilla muffins were spread with vanilla frosting and covered with a thin layer of blue fondant  on which we laid a frog (all frog parts were made of fondant, the black part of the eyes was painted with edible black ink). Because we wanted the rainbow to give a 3 dimensional effect, we made it out of paper: we taped the printed rainbow on a toothpick using white round stickers and stuck it on the cake. The cupcakes had quite a big success amongst the children and Gabriel was quite happy to have contributed to make them!