Apple and bilberry puree


Already two months since we started feeding solids to André! And we are enjoying a lot rediscovering or trying new tasteful recipes of baby purees. One of the newly discovered is an apple and bilberry puree. We like it so much we make it for ourselves. As all the purees we make, it is quite easy to prepare: we start by steaming the cut apples, with no water just in a closed pan over a gentle heat. Once the apples are slightly cooked (this can take more or less time depending on the type of apples you choose), we add the bilberries and wait until they are cooked (most of the berries will have “burst”). We then use a blender to grind it. Three apples and around 200 g of bilberries will give 3 doses of puree. Delicious!

Baby mobile

Since a few weeks know, André has been enjoying the mobile we have made some years ago for Gabriel. Because at such early age babies can mostly see basic shapes, we made different shapes out of scraps of colourful fabrics: two layers with padding in between them which we sewed with a zigzag stitch around and with different patterns in their interior.

We used some wire which we had covered with straps of the same fabrics of the shapes for the mobile structure, giving it a coil shape. We hang the shapes as well the mobile itself with some fishing line. We bought the support of the mobile at Amazon and used the mechanism of an old mobile we didn’t like so much (you can also buy a new one at Amazon).

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