Lego Duplo animals

Lego Duplo Animals

We’ve been thinking of buying Gabriel  “normal” Lego (here’s already 3,5 years old and he has tried to built Lego this sommer and was quite interested by it) but there’s actually a lot one can do with Lego Duplo! Here are some ideas of animals one can very easily built. We used round stickers for the eyes. There’s another advantage to keep building with Duplo: they are safe for babies, which means both brothers can play together!

Emotion dice


Emotions have been a topic which interests Gabriel a lot lately: “Mum, are you still mad with daddy?”,  “I don’t want to talk you with, I’m sad”, “I will sit there to calm down…”, “Mum, are you sad? Just a little because you’re not crying”… We decided to make him two emotion dice to help him express his feelings. A first one represents the 6 primary emotions which are sadness, happiness, disgust, surprise, anger and fear. The second represents 6 animals: cat, dog, pig, monkey, elephant and rabbit. The goal of the game is to enact the drawn animal feeling the drawn emotion: “What does a sad monkey do?”, “What does a disgusted elephant sound like?”, “Can you make a surprised rabbit?… Two simple wooden dice and a marker have already gave us great laughing moments!


Pizza oven

This weekend we were invited to the birthday party of a 3 year old friend of Gabriel. We offered a pizza oven made from a shoebox and a pizza and its ingredients made from felt. We got the idea from the self-made section from the Nido magazine (“Selber machen”, 10/2014). We hope he has a lot of fun with it, as we have had making it!